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A Forward-Thinking Technology for Digital Business

Blockchain is a technological transformation that has the potential to drive profound, positive change. From tracking money or inventory and accelerating transactions to smart insurance contracts and storing information in a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger, blockchain’s potential to revolutionize businesses spans applications and industries.

Driving the Blockchain Revolution
Antier provides businesses with a complete view of the blockchain landscape and its potential implications. We support you at every step of blockchain adoption, from design thinking-driven evaluation to assessing blockchain solutions from various dimensions, creating proofs-of-concept, and pilot development to complete implementation of the solution. Our expertise, technology-agnostic approach, purpose-built architectures, and end-to-end delivery accelerate your enterprise blockchain deployments.
Design Thinking Driven Process

Your roadmap to capitalize on the blockchain opportunity. Evaluate Blockchain Opportunities and Prototype

Evaluate blockchain opportunities with our Design Thinking-based evaluation framework and build prototypes.

Pilot Blockchain Use-case and Assess Solution
Brainstorm, design, and implement proposed blockchain use cases. Pilot with the client and assess the solution.

Execute and TestBlockchain Solution

Execute the blockchain solution with technology and process limitations on the chosen platform. Test for performance, security, and scale.

Integrate Partners and Network
Onboard partner systems and integrate with IT on the blockchain network. Enable consensus and governance processes.

Implement and Operate Blockchain Network
Implement blockchain solutions across the network. Authorize updates and changes.

creative index technology

Blockchain Benefits

New Business Value

Reduced Risk

Trusted Ecosystem

From strengthening supply chains to accelerating cross-border transactions and facilitating secure data management using a distributed ledger, blockchain helps build more efficient enterprise models.

Create transactions using a distributed, immutable and permissioned ledger. Customize digital agreements called smart contracts to streamline and automate processes like payment settlement, ID verification, and legal arbitration.

Build a network where data is tamper-proof, reliable, and more accessible. The transactions among partners on the network are traceable and verifiable, building an ecosystem of trust with partners, suppliers, and customers.

creative index technologies

Three key features of blockchain are:


1. Distributed Ledger

1.Distributed Ledger

1. Every participant in the network keeps a copy of all transactions
2. Transactions are secured by encryption to prevent tampering.

2. Consensus Algorithm

2. Consensus Algorithm

1. No one node or server is responsible for approving transactions, leading to genuinely distributed transaction processing
2. Each entry is validated and recorded on all ledgers across the network

3. Smart Contracts/Programmable Ledger

3. Smart Contracts/Programmable Ledger

Transactions can be sent with rules attached – small programs that govern when and how transactions are processed.