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In the dynamic FinTech market, our consulting services help devise innovative strategies with measurable outcomes to maximize opportunities, fuel growth, and optimize performance.

FinTech innovation continues to transform the financial services sector. As it continues to become increasingly accessible and affordable, industry players must rethink their play in the market and think about building financial services for the digital world rather than delivering financial services digitally.

creative index technology

Some of our FinTech consulting services are listed below:

Financial Institutions

FinTechs and Start-ups

Government and Regulators


  • Accelerator, incubator, hackathon, and FinTech innovation programs
  • FinTech partnership due diligence
  • FinTech strategy and operating model re-design
  • FinTech proof of concept design and support
  • Problem-solving and building products by partnering with start-ups
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunity discovery

  • Fundraising support and due diligence
  • M&A support and due diligence 
  • B2B market development, growth, and scale
  • Local and global market entry support 
  • Tax, regulatory and legal advisory
  • FinTech product launch through partnerships and licensing supportGovernment and regulators
  • FinTech policies and initiatives support
  • Country FinTech strategy design
  • Incubator/accelerator program design and setup
  • FinTech global market access 
  • Innovation and technological transformation processes and functioning
  • FinTech regulatory sandbox design
  • Opportunity discovery
  • FinTech market scan
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Transaction execution support
  • Incubation programs, pitch days, and investment boot camps
  • Reports and research on ecosystem, market, and company potential
creative index technologies

Create Lasting Value Across Your Domain

Well-versed in 30+ domains, our advisors help you raise your financial software solutions that users love and get it to market swiftly and cost-efficiently.
  • Digital banking
  • Online payments
  • Trading platforms
  • Online lending platforms
  • NFT-based investment management solutions
  • Finance planning and management software
  • Data analytics platforms